Friday, September 05, 2003

I love the Scotts Corporation
I'm sure many people are familiar with the Scotts Corporation, the makers of the popular "Turf Builder" series of fertilizer. Not only are their products very good at what they do, they have one of the very best and practical uses of an email alert system I've ever seen.

When you register with their website, they take some key information from you about your lawn, the type of grass and your zip code. With that information, they select the appropriate lawn care plan for you. Now, when it is time to apply fertilizer to my lawn, I get a nice HTML formatted email telling me which of the diverse collection of Scotts products my lawn is currently hungering for. It also includes good tips. For example, they mentioned that if you have any bare spots in your lawn, now is a good time of year to attempt repairing them.

This is simply one of the most useful email newsletter systems I've used. And I can't sing its praises enough.


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